L'anime Quotes

  • If I possess a radiant aura of life, it is not to sail this ship, but to see that girl’s smile. And if I wield a knife, it is to protect her. ~Takuto Tsunashi

  • We still had some radiance left.

  • You are a beautiful boy. I'm so happy someone as beautiful as you is out there. ~Miyabi Reiji

  • Be able to forgive those who have wronged you... only the truly strong can do that. ~Watanabe Kanako

  • You can hear the voice of the world now, can't you?

  • What if this world, with just you and me, is based on my desires?

  • If you kiss through the glass it just goes squeak! ~Takuto Tsunashi

  • It's on the list of defining moments of youth I plan to go through! ~Takuto Tsunashi