L'anime Quotes

  • Once upon a time in the town watched over by aliens, a girl sent out radio waves to all over the world. ‘beep-beep beep, beep-beep beep’. having chased the distant universe… ~Erio Towa

  • There, under the bright glow of the moon, stood something like an extraterrestrial life form. ~Makoto Niwa

  • I find it fascinating how we can see something with our eyes, hear with our ears and speak from our mouths. Although science tells us how they work, I just really can't grasp it. I don't know how everyday items like phones work. I can't even explain why a bicycle is fast. When I think like this, I wonder how many things I really understand. Yet I can live on. Because all these mysteries have joined together to keep me alive. Sometimes I admire that before I go to bed. ~Mifune Ryuuko