L'anime Quotes



  • A conversation with a barber during a haircut is the most pointless thing in the world. (Gintama)

  • A train robbery is where you take a train to your destination, make your move, and take a train back, right? (Baccano!)

  • If I ever get reincarnated... I wanna become a clam. (One Piece)

  • Arriving by goat doesn't violate school policy! (Nichijou)

  • There’s a difference between the flu and a cold? I thought the flu was like a super cold!? (Lucky Star)

  • We just witnessed a classic example of what I call miss directed rage, I believe the technical term is being an ass. (Fruits Basket)

  • I need to find whoever is running this Mickey Mouse operation and bitch them out! (Skip Beat!)

  • I'm sensing a witch! She wasn't a tourist after all!? Or was she a witch tourist...? (Soul Eater)

  • I have one last request. Please slap me in the face with that wad of cash. (K-ON!)

  • I'd be glad to have your crappy singing accompany me. (Shugo Chara!)

  • I just want to stay a simple minded idiot. (Nichijou)

  • It's on the list of defining moments of youth I plan to go through! (Star Driver)